At After Hours Tavern, the experience that each individual, or group receives is quite different. With the mixture of our college nights and different artist/bands performance on the weekends, we provide everyone with a bit of everything to enjoy themselves when they’re out. Scroll below to read more about our different events and nightlife.

Bar & Nightclub

After Hours Tavern isn’t your regular bar scene. It’s also a nightclub for those that wants to dance to the hottest top 40’s. With a wrap-around bar layout, you can order your drinks near the dance floor or you can order on the opposite side where the entertainment areas are. Whichever side you happen to be on, our bartenders are ready to serve you a good time.

Live Music

Every weekend at After Hours Tavern, a different performance is showcased. Featuring different bands and artist from local areas, as well as out of town classics like Black Glass. To experience all of our bands and artists, come visit us every Friday and Saturday where the music and fun don’t stop until it’s closing time!


Never miss another event at After Hours Tavern again. Click below to view our complete events page and when each performance would be playing. For more info, you can also contact us directly. Bookmark your favorite bands date and come out!